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Do you want to run your own business, be your own boss and build something of real value for you, your family and friends?

Do you already have a business but want to expand into another sector that maybe compliments what you do now? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new investment?

A Kleo Digital franchise will give you:

A very low overhead business that has virtually no limits as how far and fast you grow it.

Not only a way to earn £40,000 in your first year, but rising to nearly £200,000 per annum by end of year 3. Year 4 goes higher…

The strong recurring income in our franchise means that you will quickly build up not only income but also the value of the franchise business when you are ready to sell it.


Low start up costs and low cost finance is available cover the franchise fee and start up costs.

We want all our franchisees to be hugely successful, so our dedicated support team will be backing you all the way.

Grow a very profitable
business from year 1

Despite the negative impact of the Covid 19 pandemic the demand for digital marketing and web design in the UK continues to grow so there has never been a better time to get involved.

The Kleo Digital
Franchise Proposition

The beauty of the Kleo Digital franchise is that you do not need to be an expert in order to build a successful business in this fast moving arena.

As a Kleo Digital franchisee you just need to concentrate on selling the range of products and services that we provide, we will do all the “techy stuff” for you.

Kleo have ranked our website in the TOP 3 positions in Google for more than 1500 search terms and reduced our paid lead cost to 1 fifth of what it was. They are placing our business at the forefront digitally, which in these times is critical. They are a pleasure to work with and an ‘extension’ of our team.
Brittany Foxx

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