Countless benefits for accelerated growth

The team at Kleo Digital have spent months refining the model to ensure that with hard work and commitment they are presenting a strong brand and a solid business model for success.

Web Design Franchise for Sale

What are the benefits of being a Kleo Digital Franchisee?

You get to earn £40,000 in the first year and nearly £200,000 in year 3

You will be building a business that we have a real, calculable value that will grow every year.

You have the full support of Kleo Digital and its 21 years of experience in web and digital marketing sector.

A proven business model that all you have to do is follow our sales and marketing manual and you almost cannot fail.

The start up costs are ridiculously and embarrassingly low, as are the monthly running costs!

The business has huge scalability. Your Kleo Franchise territory will have at least 10,000 businesses in it – even if you had 500 customers in your territory, that still only 5% market share! And that’s forgetting all the non business organisations you will deal with such as charities, local authorities, NHS, etc. That’s without thinking about buying another Kleo Digital franchise.

You get all the benefits of an established business without the headaches of a start up starting from scratch.


What's included

There are lots of other benefits but we can tell you more about those when we meet you.

So what’s the package? This was in our ‘The Opportunity’ page which is:

Web Design Franchise Business for Sale

Grow a very profitable business from year 1

Despite the negative impact of the Covid 19 pandemic the demand for digital marketing and web design in the UK continues to grow so there has never been a better time to get involved.​

Package and Benefits

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The Opportunity

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