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Our franchisees come from all walks of life

Web Design Franchises for Sale

Our franchisees come from all walks of life – from people fed up with struggling to make ends meet doing a job they hate; someone who runs a business but is looking to expand or diversify, or an existing web or design agency owner who wants to have much higher earnings through to people with several businesses or franchisees and looking for another great opportunity.

They may have been doing a job as a delivery driver or working in a factory and want to strike out and do something different for themselves. A Kleo Digital franchise offers them the perfect opportunity to start up and run a business that is already a proven business model of 21 years where Kleo has operated its own inhouse franchise model of opening up three separate agencies. With this to back you up and all the training, support and teams doing the work for you, this is so much easier than trying to start your own business from scratch, with all the risks that this involves.

Web Design Franchise Business for Sale

You may be running your own design, web or digital agency as a one-man band or a small team but are finding so much hassle trying to make it work, managing people and earning less than your employees and friends. We take all that grief away from you, leaving you to do what your best at – speaking to customers and getting the work in.

If you already run another business or are a serial entrepreneur, the Kleo Digital Franchise offers the perfect opportunity to diversify and add to your portfolio by coming into a rapidly growing sector that every single business and organisation needs, where websites need replacing every 2/3 years and where your competitors are weak and do not have the strengths that Kleo offers you to almost guarantee your success in our sector. If you profitably run a business now, then this is also going to much easier than the one you currently run!

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